Author Topic: Cosplay Wrestling Federation (Saturday: 1:30PM) Looking for contestants!  (Read 768 times)

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Cosplay Wrestling Federation is a non-physical show, bringing the biggest characters based off pop culture or original characters, into a series of tests on our microphone to gain the love, cheering, and support from the audience, or the hate, booing, and the disdain from the audience.

The BLKOUT branch of the CWF primary focus is to discover new talent for the upcoming larger shows. With that said, the scale will be much smaller. If you always wanted to try test your skills in the CWF and try to topple the BLKOUT Champion then this is is the avenue for you. New and old performers are welcome to enter to test and perfect their stage personas.
To sweeten the deal, SacAnime SummerSlam will also be our “Yen in the Vault” match where the winner will be able to cash in their reward to be instantly considered for the next large show of their choice. Space is limited so if you want to enter then send your applications as soon as possible.

If you would like to participate, turn in the application and send to the email listed on here. Feel free to send any questions to the same email provided in the file.

Come check us out on Facebook for more information on the show format and footage from our previous events.