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Starlight ball winter 2017
« on: January 09, 2017, 12:16:34 PM »
I know a lot of people have made posts about this but it can never be said enough, this sacanime's "ball" was an absolute joke. First of all it was not a ball, there was no ballroom music played at all which seems pretty important for a ball. All they played was kpop, remixes of anime and game music, and pop music non of which was meant to be danced to in any ballroom styles. They also still have a semi-formal dress code which for this type of event was completely stupid as you can't dance to that kind of music in a long ball gown and heels. And the thing I am most upset about is the fact that we all payed $10 for this..... A lot of this confusion and anger about this is due to the fact that the ball is under new management and they did not put in enough effort to make it clear that they were going to make changes and a lot of people were expecting the old starlight ball we all know and love and were very disappointed to find out they changed it completely. Now I'm a huge fan of kpop and of having a good time at a dance party and I don't actually think doing this type of event at the con is a bad idea. This event felt like a much more tame version of the rave which I'm actually ok with, I have actually wanted to go to the rave before but I never have gone because it just seems like an excuse to grind up against people inappropriately and I've heard so many horror stories of bad stuff like that happening at anime convention raves and that just makes me uncomfortable to think about, but the idea of having a nice family friendly dance party like this is a good idea in my opinion. if they had this at the convention in the future I would consider going, the only complaints I have is they need to drop the price or make it free (I mean the rave is free come on) and get rid of the dress code as this kind of event does not warrant it. I do want to give the benefit of the doubt since of course we do not know the whole story for why they changed the ball and again I don't actually think doing this is a bad idea but just do not call it a ball. I also know that they were calling it the "cosplay prom" but like I said no one knew about this and still thought it was going to be the starlight ball. It may be wishful thinking but if they had this and added an actual ball back it would make for a nice diverse set of events for the con. They have the rave both Friday and Saturday so why couldn't they have what they did this time as it's own separate event for Friday night and have the ball on Saturday night? Lord knows there isn't much to do on Friday night for people that don't like going to the rave and people have been complaining about that for years. I feel like I'm the only one who would be ending on a positive note but we all know the organization of this con has been going down hill for some time and of course as attendees we don't know all the details as to why so I feel like we need to give at least a little bit of benefit of the doubt to them. Overall the "cosplay prom" actually wasn't to bad, a lot of people were having fun and I would have been too if I just wasn't being so salty for the entire thing. People have been complaining so much about this con for the past couple years which is when I actually started attending this con and I think a lot of it is due to the fact that they are trying to transition some things and change things around. I know a lot of people do not like change but hopefully they will change for the better for future cons.