Author Topic: Gen 5 isn't Pokemon Panel.  (Read 1017 times)

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Gen 5 isn't Pokemon Panel.
« on: December 17, 2016, 01:48:04 PM »
Last con my friends and I saw the panel listed Gen 5 isn't Pokemon and decided to not to go the panel after reading about it and seeing how dumb the panel idea was. Now that panel is back and I'm annoyed. I'm not a huge Pokemon fan, but I can say that to anyone who likes Pokemon that a panel designed around bashing something is a really poor idea for a panel.

"Fifth Generation Isn’t Pokemon
A critique of the creatures introduced in the fifth generation of “pokemon”. We will go over the mechanics, aesthetics, and lore to prove once and for all that the fifth generation of “pokemon” does not deserve to stand beside the greats of pokemon past like Mr. Mime, Voltorb, and Muk."

I feel that this looks badly on the con since it means the con is fine with panels designed around being harsh on people's taste. To me this should be replaced with a actual panel that encourages fans to go to it and not tell them that their favorite pokemon are "not deserving to stand alongside these ones", especially with Pokemon GO being popular.

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Re: Gen 5 isn't Pokemon Panel.
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2016, 05:14:16 PM »
I haven't personally been to this panel (not super into Pokemon honestly), but it sounds like a tongue-in-cheek parody panel from that description. I mean, it could be clearer that it's a parody, but considering the inflated language and the use of Gen 1 Pokemon that are usually the butt of jokes, I feel like the intention comes across.

I can totally understand not wanting panels that bash on things, but I have a strong feeling that this isn't what that panel is actually doing. Certainly, it must have been popular enough last time that they accepted it this time!