Author Topic: does anyone need a roommate?  (Read 467 times)

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does anyone need a roommate?
« on: December 03, 2016, 12:58:12 AM »
im looking to share a room with someone who is already trying to manage it (aka, im not the one asking for people to join into a hotel im booking)

for sac-summer i think i payed about $60 for the whole weekend since i shared a room with 3 other friends, so im looking to pay $60-$80 for the whole weekend for room.

I'm a 19 year old biological female (they/them) and would prefer to share with anyone that isnt cis male (for security/safety reasons)

im ok with sharing a bed (dont worry i stay on my side), though i wouldnt mind a floor spot but i would pay less than i would for a bed (about $40 for the whole weekend, but we can talk about it)

-I will be considerate of everyones shower time, i will shower earlier if needed according to everyones schedules
-We can also plan to pitch in to buy food ahead of time (thats what my friends and i did last con and we spent less money on food that way by buying groceries)
-hotels only give two key cards but if i happen to have it and someone needs it i am willing to deliver it to whoever needs it, i will be on call 24/7 via skype/text

i really hope i can share a room, since taking the lightrail/carpooling back and forth is stressful and especially if i want to do more than one cosplay a day