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Safety of Area
« on: November 21, 2016, 02:10:29 AM »
I am new to Sacramento and am unsure of how safe the area is around the con. Our hotel is the Quality Inn, a couple blocks away. Would it be safe for 3 women to walk there late at night?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, it seemed like the most appropriate category.

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Re: Safety of Area
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 12:08:40 PM »
Generally, the area around the convention center is fairly safe. There's a lot of bars and restaurants around, so there's usually people milling around. Your hotel is right next to the main parking garage that most congoers park in, so there's a lot of congoer traffic along that route. I usually make it a point to walk back to the garage at night with someone (sometimes when I've been solo it's just been a random group of congoers I find along the way), just in case, but I've never felt unsafe. If you make sure to walk with the group of three, I don't think you'll have too many problems if you stay on the main roads. Keep an eye out for danger, don't wander around too late at night, stick to groups after dark, and stay on the main roads, and you'll be fine. You shouldn't have any issues during the day.

A word of warning about that particular hotel: I know that there is some prostitution going on there, which in itself won't pose you any harm, but there are some aggressive pimps. My sister had a run-in with one at one SacAnime a few years back, where he very aggressively tried to proposition her. This was in the alley between the hotel and the parking garage (she cut through the alley to get to the other side of the garage), and thankfully no physical harm was done, but I'd be careful around the hotel at night, especially in any alleys. I've never seen anything go down on the main streets, so I think that avoiding alleys and anywhere else potentially shady would be enough.

Also, if you are planning on wandering far from the convention center: parts of K Street near the con used to be a shopping district, but it's been run down for many years and most businesses that way are closed. I wouldn't walk more than a block or two down that way alone at night, though daytime is okay. (They just opened a new arena several blocks up K, though, so things might be different now? I don't know why you'd be walking that far from the con though! This is all info from growing up in Sac, but I haven't lived there in a couple of years.)

I would say that in general, don't wander more than a couple of blocks in any direction from the convention center. It should be fine, and Midtown is just to the east and has a lot of nightlife, but you really don't have much of a reason to wander too much further than a 2 or 3 block radius from the con.

One thing to keep in mind about the location is that while there's nightlife and such in Sac in the area, the con is right next to the State Capitol, so a lot of places also close down early, and there might not be a lot of residents out after business hours on a weeknight, since a lot of the area caters to people who work in the capitol. On weekends, there's usually enough going on that there's people out and about, even in the evenings.

tl;dr: Generally it's safe. Don't wander too far from the con or too late at night. Don't go down any alleys. Travel in groups. You'll be fine.