Author Topic: HAIKYUU COSPLAYER IN NEED OF HELP  (Read 791 times)

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So I'm doing Ryuunosuke Tanaka for Winter SacAnime (and Halloween!) My question is about one important thing: Hair. See Tanaka is BALD usually and well I like how my hair is and SO I wanted to ask how would you guys picture a Fem!Tanaka to look? I know there's Viria's interpretation with hair similar to Saeko's but I feel like that wouldn't be her style. My current hair is actually a mohawk-esque style with blond at the tips (from when I dyed it and just never bothered to do my roots. Think Kenma but more black than blond) with shaved sides. I'm troubled on using natural hair because it might come off more Taketora than Ryuu and I don't wanna dye the blonde because it's hard to bleach and dye darker hair (imo) so any tips? Should I do natural? Should I do a wig? What hairstyle fits Ryu? I'm posting Viria's picture below to show what it looks like (and from my other searches seems to be a common design for Fem!Ryu)