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masquerade input
« on: September 06, 2016, 09:48:27 AM »
This masquerade was so much better than last summer and we thank you for that.

The check in table on Friday was uninformed though and was suppose to give out a sticky note with a time slot, a lot of Friday never got it and the girl running the masquerade dressed up as Elizabeth got really mad when we told her we didn't have them. She said we did and said she watched them hand them out. It was only when the rest of the Friday people said they didn't get one either that she believed us. Also people on Saturday weren't told to bring them because it's a freaking sticky note at a con, remembering time slot and number should be enough.

Loved how you had the judges set up. The last craftsmanship judging have been so rushed and it never felt like the judges cared a lot about little details here and there. This time was so much better with the 4 minutes with each judge. Please keep that.

The way the seating changed so we could watch after walking across the sage was nice too.

I know that the set up will probably change again in winter but please keep the judges set up the same for craftsmanship, and maybe tell the Elizabeth to take a deep breath and calmly talk to everyone next time, cause her anger over the sticky notes put the line in a horrible/nervous mood.

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Re: masquerade input
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2016, 10:58:32 AM »
I really enjoyed the setup for the pre-judging as well, this was my first ever masquerade and the way they had it setup made me feel very at ease. But I agree the sticky note thing also made me irritated, I checked in on Friday and felt like the people who I talked to had no idea what they were doing and I was never given any sticky note they just told me my number and said just to remember it. I also wasn't given a pre-judging time slot either, I ask about it and they just told me to be there at 2 which after talking to some of the other cosplayers they said they got told the same thing. Over all it was a decent first experience.