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Some criticisms and thoughts on Sac Anime Summer 2016
« on: September 05, 2016, 10:30:15 PM »
I have attended this summer's 2016 Sac Anime event and enjoyed it very much. However there are issues that must and will need to be addressed as soon as possible:

1.) This year's event at the Sacramento Convention Center and the Grand Sheraton hotel was extremely overcrowded and in fact, over capacity that the Con Center could handle at the time when shared with the Greek Festival. Lines were extremely long and the admission wristbands, in my opinion, are no longer the effective method as a proof of ticket purchase. The escalators frequently failed to operate normally.

2.) Golden 1 Center Downtown Arena will open very soon which raises another issue: transportation. Traffic on J Street was jammed up and will probably get worse once the G1C opens. Parking will also become more scarce and costly, thanks to the games, concerts, and events at the G1C. Sac Anime should find ways to promote alternative transportation for its attendees or find another location of venue, in an extreme case.

3.) Thanks to Pokémon Go, there should or must be dedicated and/or secured smartphone charging stations as our smartphone batteries can't last the entire day's event without being stuck to a wall, charging the phone via nearby power outlets, like to those without possessing powerpacks.

4.) As much as I liked Sac Anime, I really also would love to attend Old Sacramento's Gold Rush Days that happened on the same weekend over with Sac Anime during the Labor Day weekend. I really prefer to attend both events and not miss one over the other.
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Re: Some criticisms and thoughts on Sac Anime Summer 2016
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2016, 09:35:17 AM »
Not staff but some of your complaints can't be improved on.

When we first moved to the con center they told us in the masquerade that we had at least 3 years to share with the greek festival. This would be year 3, so maybe next year the time slots will be different. Also it wasn't that bad on crowded. This was nothing compared to anime expo or comic con.

Traffic will always be bad, it's downtown sac. It's not the convention's responsibility to find you a better place to park.

Also it's not the con's responsibility to make sure your phone is charged. A battery pack is $5, if you can't splurge 5 bucks for a pack don't play pokemon go like crazy. Lower your power settings, dim your screen. Heck I had 2 battery packs on me and I only used 1 once before heading back to my room to charge my phone normally.