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Feedback for Summer 2016
« on: September 05, 2016, 09:38:05 PM »
Hi Sac Anime staff, gold shirts, and directors\founders.

I have a few comments from Summer 2016.

1) Thanks for a great con and excellent line control. Of the Sac Anime cons I have been going to for several years now, this year was by far the best with line control in my opinion. The 30 minutes before panel entry was great and allowed for sufficient time to get everyone inside and seated without loosing much time. This applies to both autograph and panels\events. All the lines felt much better. Please keep up the great work and improvements here.
The only consideration is that the masquerade probably should have been let in 1 hour before start due to the long line to ensure we didn't run late and so that the cosplayers didn't have to stand for an hour and a half before the show started. Along these same lines, this convention felt much smaller (better controlled?) then others as well.

2) The limiting of the VIPs to a single autograph was somewhat annoying, considering it was not a restriction of the free autographs. With the free autographs, we could get back at the end of the entire line and cycle through again if we had time. But the VIP ones were not that way and the staff had to cut corners off the badges to show we already went through. Considering the extra cost of the VIP badge, can an explanation for this please be provided? While I understand if there is too many people, but if we are willing to wait through the entire line again, or if the line is relatively small, (as it was in a few sessions), I don't really see an issue unless it was a guest restriction. But if so, why only on the VIPs?

2a) To add to the above, if this is indeed the way it needs to go. Some of us, me included, see the badges as collectable and the cutting of edges off is annoying as it defaces the badges. Can we go back to either marking on the wrist band, or some other method? Maybe marking the back of the badge even?

3) The AMV contest was great, although I would ask if you could consider placing the screen on another corner. The is a bit too easy for the attendees to accidentally walk into the projector's path. Also, if we could get brief descriptions of what each category means as far as what we should look for when voting it would be nice. While most of the categories are self explanatory, "Fun" is not. Also, maybe multiple projects for those in the back of the room?

4) The Main events and featured events rooms were much better laid out this year. The using of all four rooms for main events, allowed what seemed like all the guests to attend that wanted to. Please continue this so we have enough room for the main and features events.

5) The adding of the pictures of the anime to the viewing room listing in the book was an excellent choice. It really helped out giving us a brief look into what the anime was before running back to the hotel to look. Keep up the improvements.

6) If you know, or ask, if the vendors bring food items. It would be much appreciated if the booths that sell food stuff were marked on the exhibit hall map as such.

7) Scheduling wise, please consider not having an autograph session during closing ceremonies. I enjoy going to the closing ceremonies to learn the attendance numbers, AMV winners, and other items that are brought up. However this time I had to skip the last autograph session and miss out on a guest to attend them.

And last of all, Thanks again for the wonderful and hard work you put in to create, organize, manage, and hold this event twice a year! It takes alot of effort and it is much appreciated.

I would appreciated a response to the items with questions by staff if possible.


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Re: Feedback for Summer 2016
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 11:05:31 PM »
Although I wasn't at SacAnime last weekend, I give the staff a lot of credit for having more variety in voice actor panels than at this year's winter one. The summer set was a definite improvement.
When scheduling them for winter '17, it'd be great to see at least as much diversity.
I didn't think having Q&As for Borderlands or Attack On Titan was a bad idea by any means, but we didn't need to have three of each, and it also didn't help that many of the guests involved didn't have any solo panels.
Since Chearmi Leigh and Bryce Papenbrook are schedule for the next one, I have an impression there'll be at least one Sword Art Online Q&A. But if there is, I think it'd be good to do two of them at best and see if at least one of them can get a solo panel or two.