Author Topic: Never been to an anime convention before  (Read 728 times)

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Never been to an anime convention before
« on: July 22, 2016, 10:57:43 PM »
Like the title says, I've never been. None of my friends are into anime but I'm thinking about just going solo this year. What can I expect at SacAnime? I haven't the slightest idea what I should be doing when I go and some feedback from previous attendees would be great.

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Re: Never been to an anime convention before
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2016, 03:44:54 PM »
Hi there! So attending your first convention can be a little nerve wracking if you don't really know what to expect, I went to my very first con last summer so I know the feel, but at the same time you really shouldn't worry to much. Anime conventions are amazing big social events where people come to socialize with other people who love anime, so I wouldn't worry about going by yourself as you will probable meet tons of people while you're there that would probable love to hang out. But there also is a lot more to anime conventions than just talking with other otakus, anime conventions also have tons of different events that go on, panels, workshops, cosplay events, dances, gaming and more! Unfortunately the sacanime website doesn't have a ton of info on what specific panels and workshops they will be having at this con yet but they always put the schedule for all the events at least a few weeks before the con including times and locations so you can plan your weekend before you even get to there. Some of the biggest events that usually happen every con include, the raves or electronic dance, every night on Friday and Saturday they hold a huge rave where everyone goes to unwind after the day where they play loud electronic music and everyone just has a fun time dancing. If the raves aren't really your style then on Saturday night they hold a formal dance, these are fun because they play all kinds of different dance music for different dance styles like waltz, tango, swing, foxtrot, ect. If you don't know how to do any of those kinds of dances that's ok because all day on Friday and Saturday they hold dance workshops where you can learn how. They also hold competitions like the cosplay contest or masquerade as they are sometimes called, this is where cosplayers go up on stage to show off their amazing cosplays (I will actually be competing in the masquerade for the first time at this next convention) And this is usually the highlight on Saturday as you can expect the line for the cosplay masquerade to be extremely long. They also have something called the kpop battles which is a big dance competition where people dance to their favorite kpop songs. That's kind of it for some of the bigger events that happen at every con but again there are always tons of other events that happen through out the weekend. Another thing to expect at anime conventions are guests, These usually consist of voice actors, musical guests, writers and more. A lot of guests will have autograph sessions as well as Q & A panels. As for musical guests it's usually a guest DJ who Djs for the raves or others who put on concerts. They already have a pretty long list of guests who will be attending which is on the main website. There is also one other big thing at every con, the dealers hall. basically this is one of the huge convention halls filled with tons of vendors selling all kinds of anime related products like manga, anime dvds, all kinds of anime merch, and bascially anything you can think of. The dealers hall is also where the artist alley is, the artist alley is where artists have booths to sell their art and fan made merch so you can guarantee you will spend all your money here XD. Another thing is just what to expect while walking around the con. You will see tons and tons of cosplayers, cosplay is basically when someone dresses as a character from an anime, tv show, movie, or game so at an anime convention you will probable see tons of anime characters running around the convention center. And if you see a cosplayer that is cosplaying a charater you really like don't be afraid to ask them for a piture, a lot of cosplayers are expecting to get there picture taken while they are there. Also, expect there to be a lot of people in general, sacanime isn't a massive con but it's also not a small con and it is held in the sacramento convention center which isn't a huge building either so in case you might have issues with big crowds you might like to take that into account. Also, speaking of the convention center itself if you've never been to it before it can kinda be a bit confusing as they don't really give you a very good map. So I would suggest if you have a time during the weekend where there isn't really anything that you are doing just walking around the convention center and learn the layout because in future cons that will help out a ton. I've pretty much just skimmed the surface of anime conventions so I'll link you to an awesome video on tips and tricks for your first convention This guy goes much more in depth about all of the stuff I talked about and he talks about other things I may not have mentioned and I actually binged a ton of his videos before my first con and it really helped me out to know what to expect. Another thing I would suggest is looking up videos from sacanime in past years, I found doing that also really helped me. So I hoped this helps and I really hope you enjoy your first convention, Personally I had way more fun than I could have expected when I went to my first convention and I hope you do too :D