Author Topic: Has Attack on Titan Swung Anyone else farther Left Politically?  (Read 1055 times)

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I am for feminism and racial justice and LGBTQ+ and environmentalism the same reason Erin wants to get past the walls: however profitable institutionalized prejudices may be in the short term for the self or some majority somewhere, they hold our greatness back.

How has the series affected you if at all? What events? Me, it was just ruminating on, re-reading, and having Hope Chapman explain why Erin Jaeger has a lot of greatness that needs to brought to the surface (via a logical training arc).

Full disclosure: I am looking for friends who are similar to myself politically and personally here. Please do not bring up shipping here. Spoilers are fine. Theories on the series are fine.

The show is going to end Gurren Lagan style and Tengan Toppa Erin Jaeger is going to die in the final battle, also Erin is teenage mutant ninja Godzilla...
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