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Indoor lines for autographs
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:31:48 PM »
Winter SacAnime is coming next year, and we need to stay warm.

We were lucky that we got the convention to ourselves this Summer. I'm glad we get to wait in line for autographs without getting sizzled out in the sun.

I hope we get to do this again and wait in line indoors. Just in case if the convention itself gets double-booked again, I was wondering if we can use the downstairs area to form autograph lines? It's the same area we waited last Winter when it rained.

During Winter SacAnime 2017, we were fortunate to wait in line for autographs downstairs from the balcony & rooms 202 - 204. I'm glad the staff decided to make use of the downstairs area to wait in line; because, in previous years nobody was really using that area.

For Winter SacAnime, waiting in line in the downstairs area was autograph session done right. I don't want to freeze to death or get rained on for couple of hours. Let's have an indoor area we can wait in line without dealing with Mother Nature.