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Guest Requests! :D
« on: July 07, 2017, 12:57:00 PM »
Okay, my husband and I have a short list of guests we think it would be so cool to see!

Well, JYB was GOING TO BE ON MY LIST. But he's already booked.


-Tony Oliver: He is super cool, and he is both a voiceover artist and involved with voice direction. Which is super rad.
-Kyle Hebert: Vocal coach and voice actor. He did an 18+ panel a couple years ago that was HILARIOUS.
-Todd Haberkorn: PLEASE. JUST PLEASE. He's the sweetest guy, and super funny.
-SEAN FREAKING SCHEMMEL: Childhood dreams need to be fulfilled.
-Charles Martinet: He's super cool. He played electric guitar at an Eyeshine concert. xD
-CHRIS FREAKING SABAT: If I don't meet him, I'll cry.

So, there are obviously better reasons than the ones I gave. xD But you get the picture.