Author Topic: SacAnime Summer 2014 Karaoke Contest- Confirmed Entries  (Read 2086 times)

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SacAnime Summer 2014 Karaoke Contest- Confirmed Entries
« on: August 29, 2014, 01:18:53 AM »
The following is a list of accepted entries for the SacAnime Summer 2014 karaoke contest:

H. Alford
S. Tyson
J. Straughn
A. Rey
L. Stockdale
M. Hart
C. Wilson
E. Thompson
T. Stone
J. Lim
M. Mejia
W. Jones
K. Krider

For contestants who are listed above, you can check in at the karaoke room from 3PM to 5PM on Friday. That will also be the time to warm up.

There were a few entries that signed up with songs that were not from an anime or video game. These were not accepted.

We also did not retain entries sent before July 1, as the signup page before that approximate date was still using the previous convention's information.

For those who still would like to sign up for the contest, we'll take signups on Friday from 3PM to 5PM in the karaoke room! Contest will start at 5.

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